Robotics: Laws of Asimov

three laws for expert robotics

Around the eighties a certain writer invented the ideas around robotics and computers.
When the computers where more than typewriter and as heavy not to travel with.

The writer was one of the first which wrote about computers in that futuristic way.
computers in that time where used for creating simple documents, drawings,
computing certain important values and numbers.
But only 16 colors at maximum, and 20 megabytes.

He wrote backthen about a robot with human form.
Which was able to act alike a human.
The robot was as a servant. doing that which the owner wanted.
And because a robot was expensive it had to follow three rules.

first to protect humans, every human in danger or emergency had to be helped by the robot.
Even when it would be damaged or lost.
The second rule is that a robot has to follow orders from his master and other humans.
Even when it would harm the robot himself he would have to follow them.
The third rule was that a robot had to protect himself.
So he would not get wounded by his own actions.

Such a robot followig these rules was named to have a positronic brain.
the novel series from isaac asimov was about stories with the robot doing certain tasks,
even humans could do.

He wrote a theme that would be important to all future robot and artificiality engineers.
The novels; changed place in the libraries not anymore available to read.
But all the science fiction lovers have the stories in their heart.
Where a certain part of science lovers use it in their own pursuit to
create intelligent computers and human like robots.

Three laws; when robots are to be intelligent they might need these laws.