Cell Fund


The art of giving a machine a subset of actions that are
independently activated.

The method of putting actions through verbal commands to
a machine capable of processing two or more processes in the same moment.

An artificial machine, with an imitative intelligence.
Its task is to operate in a succesfull manner without a great

The method of Cell-Funding is a new scientific field with its roots
in current day programming.

Imagine you have a programming language where you give not the source code,
but the destination code.

The Cell Fund translates destination code to the source needed to
make it a artificial intelligent creature.

The Cell Fund method, makes a new way of computers available.
The need to create updates and upgrades diminish in importance.

The need to create programs and use thousands of coding lines
to create specific functions is not anymore needed.

The Cell Fund, is a methodology implented in a nice way.
To create it is a difficult task.
But it makes programming available for everyone.

To have an example,
If a human child is learning language,
it does not make programs with words and grammar.
It learns by studying the result.

Human parents, friends, all use this method to learn.
A child hearing the phrase mum i'am hungry.
Learns this phrase by destination coding.

human persons learn by destination code,
for example at internship for a job,
by looking at professionals operating in a job environnement,
they learn.

Cell Fund, a new era in programming resultbased machines.
A new way to look at computers.
Making the glass ceiling to burst.