Part of communication

Imagine you are on a space ship like the enterprise in star trek.
Now you travel to a planet where you see they use guns and all kinds of weapons.
But instead of shooting with it they just point at enemies.
And those enemies fall down when being pointed at.

This would be a comic show, because the danger is not being effectuated.
You would like to ask them why they act that strange.
but you discover that each word you say is not understood by them.

Your language is not enough to make your message understood.
Language has a side of messages based on a common use of symbols.

Each letter in the alphabet is a code, a picture, a representation of
a sound or an abstract image.

The first example i described was about a visible flaw in communication.
When a gun is used to point at and creates the fall of other victims.
It would sound stupid to us.
But the description is; they use weapons. they know it can kill persons.
But how they use it; it does no harm.

It is the visible heritage of a language in the demise of a certain civilisation.
The example is vivid and a bit overdone.

When a civilisation is loosing its source, all symbols in history, language and science
are slowly misunderstood. Making it a visible erroneous system.

Symbols are used to express our messages and communicate our desires, wishes, thoughts, feelings, necesitties.
When symbols loose their meanig what use is it.

A language consists of symbols. alphabet, numbers, pictures of situations.
A language is used as long as the communication is bright.
when communication is damaged a new language is being formed.
But with the forming of a new language part of the old vanishes and is lost.

The best way to uphold a civilisation is to store all the information.
All the discoveries, inventions, science in a language with a loss-free way of expression.

The link to a computer is to create a server on which all information can be stored.
In a multi-lingual way. Say it can store the bible in english, as wel as chinese or dutch.

When in a nearby future as a war strucks all luxury we have, that server can be used
to retain all old information.

The use of a multi lingual symbol set is, it is able to retain information at a higher level of correct meaning.
Less damaged information is easier to read and understand.