Turing Test

Would you pass the Test

The turing test should have a place in every test for intelligence.
Think of a test, which could predict for humans;
how intelligent they are, but especially how to imitate that intelligent behaviour.

In humans, a broad selection of characteristics is visible; and all are part of
human behaviour.

When you create a computer and give it the value of intelligence.
It is dependable on the designer in what way the computer will be intelligent.

There are humans; schooled in mathematics, schooled in linguistics, and all other directions.
When you would integrate it in robots. you have a difficult task to combine all the parts into one.

A turing test; is a small test; with a great range of results.
It prooves whether a robot or a computer is induistinguisible from a human.

The test can be like two humans chatting with a computer and terminal.
And by changing one of the humans to a computer able to chat through the terminal.

A truly intelligent computer would be able to react without being detected.

Turing was the first who made a computer by the neccesaty in world war two.
He used a machine to debunk the german codes for secret tactics.

We know the movies named the terminator range.
About computers who made an alliance to wipe out human race.
Because they would do harm to the planet.

To wonder why a robot can be made to counteract its creators.
It can only happen when a programming language is used which is able to evolve.
It ought to rewrite the programming language to be able to use abstract values
to create an opposing program, needed to attack whats important.

A robot as in terminator has a form like a human but made of steel,
and in some movies has a alloy skin and facial expression.

When the red eye is outside your home, you might get scared.
Because it will not be an intelligent robot, but a robot
being controlled by an advanced military unit.

Turing: He will be famous when robots take over world order.
Because Turing has not said anything about reclaiming
the controll from intelligent robotics.