the blac box

reasons of importance

Many it specialists think that a robot is purely a technical appliance of combined sciences.
The robot only a function that follows orders and does only what is asked.

But when we imagine a society where every man and woman do have robot.
The robot doing the laundry, clean up and groceries.

Robots are an ordinary view in the houses and on the streets.
But robots only are accepted as they do as commanded.

The black box of the robots intelligence.
Nobody asks for a reason when all is okee.

When a couple of robots deviate from its purpose questions are asked about the
way robots functions. how its semi-brains are formed. how it interpretes.

The black box. in our terms its the actions and visible reactions of outside observable.
When a robot acts. the actions are seen by the bystanders. But how it comes to the actions is not visible.

The philosophical reasons for the existence of robots, normally are accepted.
But when disasters happen with the robot in main role, then people asks for the

Philosophy is; when everything is good, robots are accepted.
But when robots fail to meet their orders, questions arise about their existence.

The blackbox, is the invisible reason to act.
In both human and robotics.
And only at problems does the philospohical side of it being asked.