Effectivity of purpose

Minimal succesion

Compared to humans; we as humans attend to education in our youth.
We learn how to behave, how to act and how to have a function in society.
We earn money by doing things for society.

In our youth we are measured by the things we know, we do, we respond to.
Everyone knows that an A-grade means you are good at it.
And that a number four, means you fail the course.

We need a rating of positivity to succeed a learningperiod.

Translated to robots. when we use them for a certain function.
They need to be effective in a percentage of all possible situations and tasks.
Say we give them a program that they are effective for seventy percent.

If a robot is used in a household, its an acceptable fault-tolerance.
But when the robot is needed in a nuclear facility, the effectiveness must be over 95 percent.

It is a philosophical question, how perfect must a robot be.
How expensive in relation to the scope of action.

for humans it is the limit of their study which gives the job to him.
For robots its the built ability to respond to situations which gives its importance.