Mirror brain

Perceiving humans and sentience

The secret of human life and social structures is
that we percieve each other as human with intelligence.
We see the spirit in each other because of the human visible form and motion.

When we recognize humans, we either are befriended or foe to each other.
A human, a close friend we adress their souls and spirits.
Foe and hated ones, we likely adress if harsh with the absence of humanity.

This is bound to our human form,
we cannot step out of our brain functions,
which dictate us by the use of mirror braincells.

A psychological discovery was
that humans have in their brain cells
which feels alike, does alike we see through eyes.

These mirror cells make possible for us to grow, to learn, to imitate
behaviour we admire.

Now step to the science of robotics.
We build a robot similar to a good looking female.

Now the experiment is;
A couple of people get the task to push the robot away from a border into a swimming pool
They heard at the task being explained that the robotic female cannot swim.

Two sets of people one knows its a robot, the other just sees the female form, capable of acting smooth.

The philosophy is that;
Will the robot gets treated as a human, a female,
or will the set of people not knowing its a robot have insight that
its just a robot.

The theory is that; each object more or less equal to the human form.
And in motion amost similar to human behaviour will get
treated as being a human.

This gives our world a backlash when we have such robots.
If they operate in war, it gets harder to defend ourselves.
If they are owned by rich people, the other part of society
will have hardship getting their rights.

Because human like robots get treated as being humans.