Morale of Robots

Who to blame

Image in the nearby future.
Robots who look like is, have a function.
They do as commanded and do everything from getting the mail,
to cooking a meal, or doing the groceries.

Another use of it is they are in war the easy soldiers who serve in the front.
theu are cannonmeat.

But when a robot does not as commanded but hurts a human person.
Say it breaks the arm of someone.
Then you could ask; is the robot himself guilty of a crime.
Is the owner guilty because its his possesion.
Is the designer guilty because his design did not as act perfectly.

Such a little crime is not important; mostly the robot will be recalibrated.
But imagine a robot would disguise as a human.
And would take over power of a country, he would become a leader.
Everyone would suspect him as a human, who by birthright may act as a person.

As the leader he would command his army to attact an enemy.
Will this robot be guilty?
If he can look and act like a human,
Is human law applicable to him.

If he looks like a human;
can his instrument the robotic body be destroyed or recalibrated.
When is a human a human, when is a human worthy of humane laws.

The other side of the medal,
What if the robot who looks like a human end a long war,
or endse famine or natural disasters.
Will he be accounted for it like a human leader.
And is such an act by a robot an allowed action.

So in short;
how to act when a root causes a crime.
How to act when a robot becomes a hero.