Part human and robot

Percentage of human

On television we see movies about humans, and the new subject of robotics.
Movies like robocop, and i robot.

A human as according to science is human because of its body, brains and functions.
A human having a transplanted fake heart is still a human.
A human having a fake leg is still a human.

What happens if someone, if possible gets a body like robocop.
Is he still human, and if one fake leg is amputated,
is it a crime against a human, or just damage to an artificial leg or object.

A human is human because of characteristics uniquely to humans.
When the part human is replaced by cybernatic or artifical parts.

When is de border between human and object overstepped.

The morale of a law is applicable to all members or all object named in it.
When we get cybernetic organisms, we will have to make new laws.

A small example,
if a girl of the third world gets an artificial underpart, both legs and hips.
Which value is three millions.

Will she be owned by the organisation which placed the fake body part.
And when she damages the part. will she be hold accountable for it?

When is a human member of the human race
When is a human accountable for things done with a fake body part.

If someone gets a brain addition.
Is it conscience to judge what happens with it.
Is it human responsability.