Purpose Layers


The future holds its secret about robotics.
robots fullfilling all orders we give them.
when they act our the commands they will act in our interest.

but a problem can be, when are they finished and how do they
do the follow up.

A robot without commands being given stands still.
And freezes, in a corner of the room,
in a special field or wherever.

The best thing for robots acting intelligent is,
that when they finish a command, they have a backup of all
options to do.

so a robot who did the groceries, and is without a command given,
can continue with cleaning the floor, can brush the furniture.

A multi purpose set of layers.
When one is completed it continues another task,
and if a command is given, acts it, and returns.

A multi purpose layer is a layerbased structure
with the prioritized actions to do.