Robots represents owner in officials.

In a democratic country, if it is election time.
you van appoint a representant to effect your choice in the town hall.
that representer knows which political party to choose.

This is a legal way of representation. By which an offical happening is correctly fulfilled.
Now imagine it is not a family member who gives the elected choice, but
a robot with the same form and appearance as the owner.

Would you allow the robot to give the elected choice?
Can he do that because he does the same as his owner>.

Or may it never be possible because a robot can't represent a human.
Or is a machine without rights.

Now imagine a rich man has a robot and uses the robot in his very succussfull business to
make trade deals and give commands to regional offices.

Now a very bad example. If someone would marry;
would the groom be able to replace himself for a robot.

It is a social choice; what role and resonsability we give to robots.
Which rules we create for their usage and existence.

It is a social choice; can robots become friends of us.
Can they operate autonomous in business and jobs.

A difficult question; will we allow robots to make decisions about a whole country or
group of citizens.

Social life; will it be infested by robots creating irrealistic needs and irrealistic desires.