Superior Literacy

Transcending the creator

Robots as long as they do what is said to them.
With the precise commands, and the expression as is laid in the code.
when the code would not give source for certain orders,
the robot would act dumb.

Robots; they have a code for all commands, all actions.
When it is mentioned in the code, it is able to fullfil.
But when the code is not complete, not perfect.
A robot would be not complete, not up to its tasks.

The next generation is; robots writing their own code.
By a certain computer system it would be able to complete its own code
for things the creator didn't yet know.

the benefit is it can respond to all things possible.
The disadvantage is; it is able to diverge from its main task.

Imagine the terminator; where skynet causes the world to be in demise.
Imagine a robot; without its main task can be cruel in its doings.

when a robot transcends it designer by creating possible codings for himself.
its superior to its creator, giving unpredictable outcomes.

It is a philosophical question,
may something discovered by humans may have more interaction and more
avail than we can think of.

May something created by humans be more intelligent then we ourselves have and can have.
A philosophical question, is it good to have a robot who is able to do many things,
with the backward reason it might be bad in the future.
Is it worth the risk, or should we avert from such a discovery.
(to give robots intelligence superior to ourselves)