Similar Brains

a Robot made intelligent

The science of neurology is still in the early days.
We can open up the skull and look at the brains.
when we see extremities, tumors or cancer we can remove it in a
awkward way.

When we remove part of the brains the person can change in character and personality.
Or suddenly cannot act clean anymore. He fails his daily tasks.

So when we want a robot to behave intelligent.
We need a brain for him.
A brain that can understand; all kinds of processes.
From the household situation to the nuclear power plant with its risks.

Brains; we look at human brains and we see strings, with on both ends a sensor.
The sensor can transmit little electric currents.
The sensor, with the network its inside in, can make little calculations.
One string with two sensors can give with precision a couple of impulses.

Now compare to a computer;
a computer is based on a chip available with millions of linear choices.
Based on the choice between nothing and everything said on short zero and one.

By the absence of a signal, a certain message is apparent.
And by the presence of a signal, a certain message is understood.

By the combination of binary signals a computer gives functions as we know nowadays.
The computer has a binary essence, creating thousands of usages.

when a brain would have the same limitations,
we as humans could not understand reasons above the visible situation. (transcendence)

The brain, with the little strings, and the sensors have a similar as chip function,
but only not with the binary choice of two sides, but like teh hexagon.
The hexagon when used for a lot of cells, is with an astounding method of calculations.

So when we want to imitate brains; we have to discard the binary system,
and create a hexagon way of making chips.
( discard binary only for robotics, not for other appliances of computers)

When a brain is not based on the electrons transmitting for a purpose.
How else can we form the brain of a robotic.

In short a computer based on binary calculations can show us complex things, movies, applications, simulations.

Why would a brain based on a similar technology not be able to show intelligent behaviour.