Free energy


We use energy, everywhere in the advanced civilisation.
To watch tv. to heat our houses, to have spring water.
Energy to drive a car to listening music.

The need for more energy grows everyday.
The need for cheap energy grows every day.

Electric power plants either run on coal or nuclaer.
The question for natural energy from windmills or solar panels slowly gets a foot in our society.

When we could have free energy, we could do whatever we want.

The first two steps are to produce energy at low cost.
Either in a power plant, solar panel or windmill of cheap materials.
The second step is the superconductor, by which there is no loss of transportation.

As a non-scientist it is a risk to say anything about energy when not educated in the subject.
As a non-scientist i have no proof or evidence to back my story.
An article about energy; may it be a inspiration for others.

What appetizing is:
When a superconductor would exist.
All over the world we would have access to energy.
From scandinavy to africa, from north to south america.
A superconductor; creates and transport all over the world.
A superconductor can make energy as cheap as possible.

A lossfree transport of energy gives the second advantage that information is communicated
without decrease of quality.

A couple of words in energy are:
Quicksilver, high presssure electric currents, plasma paths bounded by neutrons,
electromagnetic tubes, flexible conductors, oxygen activated pipes,
vacuum battery technology,