Source of understanding and action

A robot when in use has capabilities that are to fullfill its tasks.
It has to interprete the situation in a effective way.

There are a couple of layers needed to interprete situations.
first we have the apprehension of objects.
Where for example a room is filled with chairs a table and food on it.
A robot must be able to discern the chairs, the table and what's on it.
First layer is the understandin of real objects.
What can be done by reducing the camera images to a black and white view.
And by giving that black and white view the wire models of the fysical structures.

A chair has a wiremodel in simple terms of four legs, a plateau and backplate.
When an object is reduced to a wire model its easy to give every object a name.

together with the name, a function can be apprehended.
For a chair its easy. but more complex is food, or art on the wall.
The second layer is the direct function of all the objects.

The third layer is the intuitive need for every object.
When a human person is apprehended as an object,
the second layer tells its a human, able to live.

The third layer gives all the needs for the objects.
So for a human that is food, shelter, sleep, and other needs.

The fourth layer. is all the information and uses that are missing,
When a human has a function, and for example naked in the situation.
The fourth layer tells the robot that the human person is naked,
and misses clothing.

These are the four layers of information from outside to inside.
Where the most outside is the direct view of objects.
And the most inside the sense that something is missing.

The discernment is in this article the layers or apprehension.
From simple to understanding intentional behaviour.