Memory effects

Alloy plastics

On television a couple of years ago we saw movies of robotics being used in humanformed robots.
We saw that skin was imitated and no-one could say if they were human or fake robot.

When in the future we need human robots. which look like humans,
but are based on robotic tissues.

Most important for owners who are not educated on higher levels, university,
is the appearance.
the facial expression, the bodily features.

intelligence is created by imitating brains.
robotic actions are based by technology of servomotors.
But the appearance is a piece of art itself.
Only a very good artisan can create a similar human outlook.

The skin being used need the attribute of protecting whats beneath.
It can be made of plastics. in a way its chemically processed.

The use of memory effect in plastics is an easy way to sculpt the body, with the skin
on the outside.