Selfrepair Mesh

Plantbased materials

benefits of our current computers and machines is that an easy technlogy is used.
Silicate is source of chips. copper is source of information transcurrency.

The next step; not very easy is the use of plantbased materials to create a mesh that
is able to controll its own outcome,
is able to controll the effect of loss of computing power or the loss of information.

A plant based mesh has the benefit that it repairs itself.
computers who acknowledge a fault in functioning can replace parts of his own by new grown parts.
computers who acknowledge that information is partly compromised,
can repair the transportation of information, cable ,radio mechanics, sattelite etc.

In the ultimate way; a world wide mesh giving every human the ability to communicate,
for family, for work, for all needs thinkable.

Because its plant based there are no limitations of bandwith, because the mesh can expand

For future needs, for future possible opportunities.
May our civilisation grow to the next step.
from mineral technology to plantbased technology.