Servo motors

for robots as the use of muscle.

a human can lift thirty kilos at average.
And can jump a body thirty centimeters up.

And a human can learn to use his muscles at higher weights.
A human has a visible structure of muscles.
Stronger persons are covered with thicker muscles.

We surely want robots who are capable of doing all kinds of things.
a house robot can be less strong, a robot-instrument in abig store must be able to lift
triple the weight of a householdrobot.

Motors of electromagnetic coils are used in currentday mechanics.
Which are usable by electric energy.

the robots when would use servomoters, of electromagnetic coils,
have a disadvantage that there needs to be electrical current.
That when damaged nog repairable.

A new way of muscles-imitation.
is the hydrogen, temperature tube.
it is a small tube filled with hydrogen, and a circle wire with
a temperature unit.

This device can move with a precise coordination.
As is used for finger and arm movement in robots.

this example is not damage-proof but a stepping stone
to a new technology of robotic muscles.

When developed, it can give the technology of muscles,
based on the tube but made from life plant tissue.
And that next step is damage proof.