Self Recovery

Robotic convalescent

first we get a look at our own bodies. We exist on behalf of our
instruments we have. The body, the mind.
both are functions that make us to what we are.

The body of a human being consists of a series of materials.
And gets its origin by growing to a baby in the belly of the motherwomb.

When the baby gets into air, starts breathing as the border to a real self-life.
When a baby gets wounded. it can repair its functions in a plausible way.

A human consists of materials that are available in the surrounding.
With the food of fruit, vegetable and other substances a human body gets
the energy to live in actions. And to restore energy and health.

The basic material for food, in its derivations is the earth, water, light and air.
If those materials are available, human bodies gets nourished and are able to live.

Earth and water create plants. plants and light create fruit and vegetable.
And light and air create warmth and fire.

Based on these core materials all humans have a chance for existence.
A human body has in that way its requisites for living.

Now to translate to a future robot.
Its made of steel, silicate, and other substances.
Because its design and use of materials it cannot recover, procreate.
Because steel is only used when its in a process of heating.
And silicate is only being used when created into pre-formed chemical process.

So we have to search for other core materials to create our robotic appliances from.
In the past, the discovery of electric currunt, and electric energy preservation was
based on the experiments with real animals. frogs and all kinds.

To translate to robotics.
We need instead of steel a carbon formula.
Carbon with an easy way to replicate.
Carbon is a strong material and easy to use in selfrecovery materials.

The silicate material. We need it to make chips and computer parts.
But in a robot we need a substance which is able to repair and to reproduce.
As well that a silicate computer doesn't have possible methods to increase processing power.

The replacement of silicate, will be invented in the next decade. With several possible solutions.
Of which one is the micro-organism. based on yeastcells.
A second one is based on light fibers, created from glass derivate.
Which is not reproducable but has a benefit of large processing power.

So when we use robotics in the future we
will lapse to carbon, yeast and fibers.