Catalyst, energy compliance

Clean and mean, Free and Clear

When a scientist talks about ways to use energy,
the question of the listener is which theory, and what experiment
is behind the idea of that energy-process.

When a psychologist speaks about free energy, the goal
of it, is to make the normal person aware that it gives a
certain influence to society.

Imagine that energy is free and that the scientist declares
his idea to be public domain.
Will it be forbidden by large countries because its a clean energy source.

Imagine that the scientist puts it under public domain,
Which salary will he get, if he would be dependant on it.

A new source of energy, we all see the roof tops being covered by
the solarpanels giving energy, for both the household and to
put in the general energy grid.

Imagine that with three words, a direction pointer can be given
by which expert scientist know which process to make,
and what chemical components to use.

Imagine that three words can make a world go good on
energy needs by a clean process.
No by-products creating a bad envirronement,
no substance creating nuclear waste which lasts for thousands of years.

Imagine that for free energy you need a catalyst.
A catalyst not only making the process easy,
but also making it lean. making the process
at minimal costs.

A proces needing a catalyst, depends on how much it can
refactor to both create energy and to make safe endproducts.

A catalyst: i would think of a substance being molecule based on

But as its just a word untill it gets a theoretic proof,
is just a word.

Mercury, i'm no scientist so i cannot give any proof whether its
a real functional process or just nonsense.