Fiber Home

from concrete to plastics

The art of architecture, the art of building homes, businesses, monuments,
its all a different usage of the same concept.

A home, a house is built for living, one, two or more live in a space,
with the possiblity to have shelter for natural things like rain, frost, or heat.

A business needs a building to give work and create money by the process its used for.

Monuments, mostly from the past were built to be art or to be a special way
of making a living, or a symbol to art.

In the past, bricks and concrete were used for creating it all.
The art of building is being teached at educational facilities.

As we step towards the twenty first century, we need additional
options for building.

A home of concrete, uses a overhead of a certain price.
With the progress of science we not any longer are
dependent on concrete or bricks.

A home, or a building can preformed in a factory.
A preformed building is made of fiber, glass fiber or plastic fiber.
As the fiber is four times stronger than concrete
and is twice as less costly.
It is a good use for a new era.

A building can be combined form a range of basic forms.
Able to connect all by a certain connection system.

These fiber houses and other buildings will
make the skyline of our future.

A fiber-glass- structure has several benefits.
Its cheap, Its endurence, its strong, its climate-neutral.

The fiber glass, is a alloy of several consistents.
It is formed in soft material, and being hardened with a
certain ray of light. (xray or uv)