Energy flux

Defence fields

In the modern world, every house has a electric currunt.
Its used for the television, the computer, the cooking pits.

Imagine a large emp strucks somewhere on earth.
All appliances with electric source will fail and crush.

Energy flux, is a burst of energy by the intensity
burning the electronic parts down.

Energy flux. A defence field is needed for
both defense for sun-magnetic flux and
energy wars. Wherein the use of a magnetic electric concentrated beam
destroys in a region of 1 km all machines.

When you want a defence grid. You need to know how
electricity functions.
The energy flowing through atoms, to relief another atom, part of a molecule.
If you would take out the negative balance, in short a so called feeling of shortage
which is source of travelling electrons through a material of metal, or other
conductive materials.

A defence grid, would need a field which either blocks all electric paths.
Or does intercept all currunts coming from a direction.

Like the discovery of electromagnetics made the use of computers and machines possible,
its a likewise step to create field, protecting all energy-uses.

A small idea is to use a part inducing electricity to warmth.
When a surplus current flows through it,
energy is transferred to heat.
Where heat is easy to dissolve by cooling it.