Binding to planets

Life is only possible when a planet is regarded as home.
Life is the result of physical powers that work together
to form the intelligence that our life is made of.

Gravity is a force that gives all living beings on earth
the possibility to move for all purposes of life.

Bound to the surface life walks, grows, does everything
needed for a adapted life.

Gravity is an invisible force that all living beings

The source of gravity is the motion of circular movement.
Because the earth spins around its axis, gravity exist.

When a planet would stop turning and spinning the gravity
would diminish and stop.

So when you want to fool gravity;
you either have to turn around the spinning by a motion in another direction,
or to create another field of gravity. For example in space-building

Gravity, the precise formula's or theories are not simple to discover.
but a view on it by a rookie is the first step towards
a new field of science.