Showing whats not there

Imagine you can show a space ship, and let everyone wonder about it.
But when they want to attack it, it suddenly seems not there.

Imagine you are in a meeting with your ceo's and fellow coleaga's
And you can just attend it from your home adress.

The act of holography is the act of
showing a three dimensional image, able to move,
and to show a person.

When you look at holography you see it can be used anywhere.
Wherever you want you can project your object or body into just an open space.

It uses a couple of technical scientific discoveries.

Imagine that water can create a fog in the air, when you look at dunes in the morning.

Such a fog can be manipulated. such a fog is made of water molecules in the air.

When you want to project you need a white screen to use.
Because color needs to be visible and white is the best option.

Using the white color of fog; can be made artificially.
Then you need the colors to make the object appear.
There are lots of possible ways to attach the color to the white underground.

The science is about holography, so make sure
the space you use in your projection is a three dimensional object without empty sides or parts.