Light and its uses

Light and the source of visibilty

The natural way in which light is perceived is the surrounding of
the living object. An animal a human they see what happens around them.

We see the chair we sit on, We see the beach we visit.
The natural way; the light is emitted by the objects in
touch with the light of the sun.

The sunlight attaches to an object and by the touch the object emits the photons,
into a radial sphere. This touches our eyes.

When you use robotics you sometimes want the object not to be seen.
And the natural way is camouflage like some animals do.

A artificial way is sometimes the best way to implement the uses for it.
When you theorize about it.
You need a substance when attached by light does not respond with photon radial beams.
When the photon response would not appear, an object would be invisible.
For the eye of a human it would be invisible.
When an advanced eye would see; it would acknowledge what is missing in the view,
and would see an outline of what's missing.