Energy compliant

Superconductor vs ecological

Science searches for a way to retrieve energy to be used for
industriality, robotics, electronics.
To make sure our houses are warm,
to make sure we have light in the night.
And to run our computers to do their tasks.

A superconductor is a electric pipe with zero resistance.
It sends the energy without any loss to the other side, the destination.

A superconductor in theory could have its source in china and deliver
the energy on the places on the other side of the globe

A superconductor is one side of the electricity needs to our world.
The other side is to get energy without much costs.

Every source of energy has a cost price by which it is obtained.
To use solar panels in china is a cheap way, but
we search for other possibilities more cheap.

If we look at weather conditions. the lightning which strucks the earth
around the globe is an exampe of semi-super conductors.

Imagine that a large solar panel floats in the atmosphere and is able
by a lightning path to reach earth every time at the same destination point.

This artificial lightning can provide for energy needs.
Not only now but for the upcoming future also.

A lignting has a ray of energy with millions of volts and amperes.
If we use it wisely,
and let the solar panels deliver its energy around the globe.
The earth would nowhere have a shortage of energy.

it gives the rays of energy one time in europe, second time in china, third time in america.
And so on untill the next time it passes the next time doing the range again.

So when we study the lightning we can use it for the energy purpose of our planet.
Without it being random where it strucks the earth,
but at a precise point somewhere on our globe.

An unproofed method of energy mining is.
By using hydrogen, with silver ions to use the friction
to induce a form of energy.
Its not proofed but a small ideal.