Microwave for retention energy


Imagine that a microwave is in secret a large method to build energy waves,
that not only appear in the microwave itself,
but also radiates with invisible rays in the surrounding yards.
v When we could see the source of those waves we can invent a method to
use those rays for a good source of energy-converting.

To use the microwave for that purpose we need a catalyst.
A catalyst able to catch those waves and converse it to
a useable energy source.

Energy in the most common way in our sciences is electrical.
With a current and specific tense.

A catalyst we look for is of course a material that is
able to be produced and used in manners we see fit best.

If such a catalyst would exist, What would it be?
Would it be a kind of mercury alloyd with another material.
Would it be based on molecules with both radiation and wavelength conversion.

If we would discover such a material,
All microwaves on the planet would be used for energy sourcing.
And best of all, the current amount of microwaves could
give us all energy needs fo the upcoming hundred years.