Decentralized Science

Imported Scientific Investigation

Current day technology is patented and copyright by the company who pays for
the investigation and production of the specific object, service, process.

A company sometimes pays for millions for a single product.
This is centralized development. there is a more
efficient and effective way to produce the technological improvements of society.

Instead of giving universities a large allowance to produce special discoveries.
A decentralized system of technology is more effective.

It sends the money to the program making best efforts,
it gives whole society the method to support science.

A decentralized system is the open variant of open source,
but instead of being free, the party making the scientific improvement
gets the price for making it.

In this way; patents and copyrights can in the future be made public domain
without the cost or the backfall of contracts or specific parties.

A science structure giving the prize or the reward for any
organisation, individual or automated process who gives the outcome,
the result to the asked discovery.

As an open market is used for discoveries or improved science.
The best price, the best effectivity is for science
a step towards a long lasting peace.

The organisation demanding a scientific result,
pays for the development or design, or theory.

This gives a worldwide system of science,
not dependant on certain countries.
Not dependant on certain universities.