Identity of space

Travel Far

In science the subject of wormholes as way to travel through the universe is popular.
When a wormhole opens; you enter it and step out of it in billions of miles far.

A wormhole is like a tunnel giving you entrance and destination.
But it is not predictable where it leads you.

A different way to look at the subject is.
Space as big city with each part of it; as a house with street and number as well as zip code.

If the universe is divided into all different coordinates.
And each point of coordinate has a specific adres or number.
You can move from one place to another; and always know where exactly you are.

When you travel from earth to alpha centauri; you need two coordinates
to show your path on a space map.

imagine that when you got two coordinates you can travel with a speed faster than ligth.
With one requisite that you need to know both exact coordinates.

It might be as simple as travelling from one street to another in a city.
When you know your destination you can use the bus, walk or take a car.

When you imagine that space is filled with ether. an invisible substance,
holding all that exists. And that ether has a identity system,
comparable with streets and housenumbers just like a big city.

When you look at ether;
You can say it holds a coordinate system.
It is a substance containing all that exists.

Ether has features and desciptions we not know and do not see.

Imagine you have two adresses in the universe.
When you travel by space ship. It takes years to reach yor destination.
But when you would travel with light speed, several months to reach it.

Imagine there is a way to travel, not by physical movement but by
a cingular wave. the wave start at your point of departure and travels with multiple speeds of light.
The wave travel through ether, and at the destination point it appears because of
the coordinates.

Making two point of coordinates acting to travel an object from one to the other.
You need to have the departure identity, and the destination entity.

Travelling can be compared to using a high way between two cities.

For travelling you need the space indentities.
You need a travelling device.
And the science to use it wisely.