Stasis and waking up

What to save us

As i had a talk about the art of saving humanity for a indifferent future.

Several subjects were important.

First you want to have the body wake up in about hundred years, without loss of abilities and consciousness.
So a couple of options are.

You want to pause the consciousness or awareness.
it ends at a moment and by influence it starts or continues after a time.

Second you want the body to either regenerate in a proces that the body does not age,
or in a way that it freezes and does not operate at all.

To pause the awareness a similar proces is by putting people in a coma.
as sometimes is heard, people waking up from coma, can act and be active again in living.
and with the awarenss as waking up in a normal morning.

When the awareness is paused, the body doesn't need to be freezed, but can as like a resting period
in the night be in a state of sleep, being active at basical process to make it in a body standby.

to influence the awareness a normal narcosis could be used.

To make the body be in a sleep state or restfull time.
You need to borrow a process from foodprocessing,

When bananas can be made to ripen by a special gas, and apples can be saved for months by
replacing the oxygen by another gas.

this is one way to preserve the human in a stasis.
making the consciousness to sleep, and to give the body nourishment,
and a special gas to hold the body in a healtily manner, without aging.

Another way to make this good is,

the body to sleep, and replace the molecules of water with another one,
which does not freeze like water.
for example some animals or vegetation can be in winter time alife.

and with a similar process like coldblooded animals.
can be woken up by sunlight.
But sunlight wamrs from outside to inside,
and you rather want to warm it in a beam which doesn't stop at the outer boundaries of the body.